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About Brian and Dunn Rite

DunnRite Handyman Services came to life after I left the corporate world to follow my two passions: Customer Service and Carpentry. I am licensed and fully insured in Massachusetts.

DunnRite Handyman Services was officially started in August of 2016 although I have been doing woodworking, carpentry and all sorts of remodels for more then twenty years. I was born and raised in Southern Vermont and moved to the Whately – South Deerfield area in early 2000's to raise my family. Small town values, integrity, reliability and convenience are what I value most.

In March of 2018 Mike joined the team. He is "Mr. Clean" and you will always find him following us around the job site making sure that we leave it cleaner than we found it! And if you happen to own a dog you can be sure that Mike will find a way to pamper you pet with some scratches behind the ears and some cuddling!

In September of 2021 Rob joined the team. He brought over 10 years of experience from the retail side of the business. He experience and knowledge has been a huge help to find unique work arounds to issues we might run into daily while on the job.

In November of 2021 Dylan joined the team. He is Brian's right hand man as he tries to learn all about being a carpenter.

Dunn Rite Handyman Services

South Deerfield, MA

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